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by Natalie Jane Hill

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Goldenrod 03:25
The goldenrods have finally faded Shells and husk are roughing up our blanket Of once an eager green filled meadow That allowed our bodies to take in your nettle My mind is replaying the days spent Of light and time moving over mountains I had some frame of mind then I had some frame of mind Folded arms wrapped around these fingers Worn and torn, the coldness of winter A heavy weight that I am yearning Keeps me still and quiet in the morning My mind is replacing the days spent Of warmth and light moved with indecision I had some frame of mind then I had some frame of mind
Flooded 03:04
Field of wild oats dancing in wind Burgundy gold with a silver tint The rock and the bone, the buzzards have flown The echoes of home, the echoes of home As you wade in the sea Of last summer’s debris From a rise in the creek Was a flood of defeat And still there is something undoubtedly sweet To the shadows that lay Along the ridge, beneath the trees At the end of the day, how they seem to say Your troubles gonna fade Give it time, spring will find its way
Usnea 03:59
In such a state of mind, one I did not recognize or even try to And without any effort you held onto my eyes So careful and right, in that young spring light I had said it to myself out of desperation and help I’m no good at asking As you took my thoughts in time Kept you close, called you mine in passing And in full force Spring moves forth As we move forward, reborn again I wouldn’t have known it then Now in an unfamiliar land Getting used to those hands on my side With all the sirens and the planes And the howling midnight train I’ve been missing all the quiet As you said my darling, one day we’ll get out of this town And I’d say my baby, I’d go anywhere with you around
An envy burns on a face of light So easily worn with a gentle mind As a settled home built from your bones Fills with all the treasures you’ve known Aging with your darling and years to come I don’t want to roam I want to feel enough I don’t want to roam I want to breathe in love A timid halt in the cog and the wheel For what drove us once, we no longer feel As the ebb and flow but a need to seal Up the cracks and fault With something real
Emerald Blue 03:19
A mid July sun Beating down on your ink covered arms An emerald blue Shining through as the canyon did too So true, and I felt it with you So true, I think you felt it too A flower guide in your hand Pausing every so often, examining the land Every nook, every bend Such a delicate man Every nook, every bend Such a curious and delicate man Driving through North Alabama Breathing in pine, in a golden light So intertwined with a subtle sigh Wrapped in my mind and knowing why When you call me darling When you say my sweetheart When you whisper good morning I hear the sweetest song
Wild Home 02:36
The blooming thistles and lupine waves Along the hillside of verbena and sage And the quiet plays on and on Down in the valley of river stone With a burning hue to her glow You know it well Wild home The blood red poppies and golden primrose Painting the highways and old county roads And you think on the time when the thought to roam Never crossed your mind and all that you’ve known Was right by your side In a wild home
Air of April Holding me Am I still capable Oh the bud of the seed To bloom in a world Of light colored green Flooded in memory The Great Blue Heron follows me She follows me I will carry you in my dreams I will carry you with me
River Light 03:30
I remember summertime All the sweat going down my spine Glistening in river light Two bodies holding on White water in the sun Squinting at the bright reflection on the stone Through a valley, a quiet night All those fireflies in our sight Synchronized and moving to the heat lightning Between the sounds you drew And all these things that I hold onto For they are worth, I don’t have a clue I am lost in the innocence of my youth As it rained in the sun and I ran through a thicket Of rhododendrons Barefoot and stung by all this love So confidently shown With the falling of our days A wild look across your face As autumn took all that you gave It was then I became So struck by the change And still remained the same


Azalea is Austin-based folk musician Natalie Jane Hill’s debut record release. A Central Texas native, Natalie began writing songs once moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2013. While being immersed in the folk and primitive guitar scene, she started creating her own finger picking styles and progressions, adding a contemporary feel to them. From spending some years around the southeast, Natalie’s performances have ranged from farm festivals to eclectic house shows and intimate listening rooms. Her songs are intricately layered with melodious and descriptive thought.

This collection was recorded in the spring of 2019 at Broad Street Visitors Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She worked with Jared Michael Pepper on creating a stripped down and honest approach to what was being told. This being Natalie’s first full length record, it felt important for her to give a genuine introduction to her abilities as an artist. She wanted to give space for her words and guitar, without any added distractions. Using the natural acoustics in the studio space, the vision of the album came together quite effortlessly. Natalie’s brother Logan Hill mixed and mastered the record at Hilltop Media in Redding, California.

Nature plays a significant role of inspiration for this record, while giving a backbone for each song. Azalea is a poetic ode to the changing of seasons, along with the memories that tie into them. Folk artists like Michael Hurley, Karen Dalton, Connie Converse and Jean Ritchie are deeply influential for Natalie as a musician. She also gives infinite gratitude to Toronto-based band The Weather Station, for being a constant inspiration for her songwriting.

Above all else, Azalea depicts passing moments, subtle revelations and quiet truths...all cohering within the interior landscape of the artist and the natural world.


released May 15, 2020

Recorded at Broad Street Visitors Center in Atlanta, Georgia by Jared Michael Pepper

Mixed and Mastered at Hilltop Media in Redding, California by Logan Hill

Album cover portrait by Carlie Tise

Photographs by NJH

Physical media layouts by Jon Samuels


all rights reserved



Natalie Jane Hill Austin, Texas

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